2 Nights 3 Days Sri Lanka Package

2 Nights 3 Days Sri Lanka Package

Looking for 2 nights 3 days Sri Lanka package? Olanka Travels caters all your travel needs, be it a long vacation or a small getaway for a few days. This is a small tour package compared to the other tour packages that we offer, so if you are looking for a small breakout this is the ideal tour package to you. This tour package of Olanka Travels is tailored around two nights and three days.

Sri Lanka is a small island situated in the Indian Ocean and is well known as a holiday destination amongst tourists from all around the world. The island famously known as the “Wonder of Asia” is indeed a wonder, it can offer you destinations and give you experiences that you can get by traveling to so many different countries just in one single flight to Sri Lanka.

This is considered as a tropical island with a gorgeous beach all around it, and anyone visiting Sri Lanka never forgets to pay a visit to its gleaming blue ocean. Apart from the beach Sri Lanka is also famous as a country with a rich culture backed up with a marvellous history and spiced up with many beautiful architectural designs.

To be really honest three days is not sufficient to cover up all the wonders of this beautiful island, but we at Olanka Travels have managed to design this two nights and three days tour package and we have tried our level best to include itineraries to give you a great and an unforgettable experience just in three days.

The tour package will focus on the following three major cities of Sri Lanka;

Day 1 – Kandy


Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka is situated in the central province of Sri Lanka, and it is about two and a half hours away from the airport. Once you arrive at the Bandaranayke International Airport you will be welcomed by the Olanka Travels tour guide for you. The guide will help you will all the needs from checking into the hotels and to transportation.

The city of Kandy is quite different from any other cities of the island, so we have included it as an itinerary of this tour package. One of the many things that is different in Kandy in respect to other cities are its climate, it has a colder climate throughout the year and the cold breeze is something that we want you to enjoy while you are in Sri Lanka. You can walk for miles and not feel tired as the breeze keeps you fresh and energetic.

Kandy is synonyms with the Temple of the Tooth Relic amongst the locals of the island. Even though Sri Lanka is a multinational and a multicultural country, the majority of its citizens are Buddhists and hence the most celebrated religion in the island is Buddhism. The Temple of the Tooth Relic is considered as the highest worship place of Sri Lanka and it is believed that the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha is placed in this temple. Apart from its religious importance the palace like architecture of the temple is a must see while you are in Kandy.

After paying your respect to the temple we will take you to visit the Ceylon tea museum. Ceylon tea is a celebrated tea all around the world, so why not visit the museum where you can see the ancient machines used in the making of the tea leaves and tasted a freshly brewed cup of tea. Moreover you can also purchase tea leaves and souvenirs to take back home at the third floor.

Day 2 – Galle (Must in 2 Nights 3 Days Sri Lanka Package)


Sri Lanka being an island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and it is why most of the tourists visit this beautiful island. Galle is situated in the southern coastal line of Sri Lanka and the blue waves that meet the shiny white sands and the never ending horizon will leave you mesmerized.

There are several safe places where you can have a swim, go on snorkelling, try surfing and engage in so many other water related activities. We will take you to the beach and let you enjoy the waves, the sun, and the sand.

After spending sometime on the beach either splashing in the waters or laying on the beach for the perfect tan, we will take you to the Galle Fort. The fort is yet another landmark destination of the tourists visiting Sri Lanka. The fort was built by the Portuguese to protect the island from invasions in 1580’s. Even though it was built in the intention of protecting the island it is now being used as a shopping arena and also as a place where people get together to enjoy an evening walk.

We will take you to the Galle Fort and there you will be able to visit various shops, boutiques to purchase gifts, souvenirs and there are even places where you can purchase gems and jewellery to take back home. Moreover there are also hotels and cafes where you can enjoy a meal of your choice, be it a funky street food or an expensive foreign dish or a spicy Sri Lankan meal.

Another beautiful sight you can enjoy while you are in the fort is the sunset. You can witness the sun setting from the sky fading away from the distant horizon.

Day 3 – Colombo


On the third and the last day of the tour we will take you back to Colombo. Since this is the day of your departure we haven’t planned anything special to do.

Colombo is the commercial capital of the island and is completely different from the other two cities that we have included in this tour package. There are buildings reaching the sky, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, and even museums and aquariums. If the time permits we will take you to visit the Colombo National museum where you will be get an insight as to the history of this beautiful small island. We can also take you out on shopping of your choice, you name what you want to buy and our guide will know exactly to where to take you.

When the time is right we will take you back to the airport and bid you farewell and invite you to visit us back in your next vacation because clearly three days is not enough to explore this small but still magnificent island.

So contact Olanka Travels to get 2 nights 3 days Sri Lanka itinerary.

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